#DENChat Discusses Most Engaging Professional Development

This past Thursday dozens of educators met once again for #DENChat at 8PM Eastern Time.  This week’s general theme question? What engages you most in Professional Development?  Not surprisingly, many of the things that truly cause these teachers to fully engage are the very things that happen at DEN Events throughout the year.

“Every night is a PD night on Twitter” @sstorm01

Overall, teachers value the ability to choose their own professional development opportunities.  While district-wide or school-provided PD can be engaging, it tends more toward a one-size-fits-all.  There is something about teachers being treated as professionals who are fully capable of finding professional development that meets the most pressing needs they have in the classroom right now.

“Best PD is one that is current and speaks to what I need to know at that moment” @RafranzDavis

In addition, teachers like to be involved physically in some way.  “Maker” PD was highly touted.  But, whether it is technology related or Common Core ties, teachers like to walk away with something they’ve created that they can use the next day.  Sit-and-get may be an necessary “evil” at times, but it is rarely engaging. Teachers also indicated they like backchannels where they can continue conversations with others or simply post notes to friends at home who may not have been able to attend the sessions.

“Don’t tell me the answer. Give me a puzzle to solve.” @dgrice

You can read through all of the conversations at Lisa Parisi’s Storify archive of the night through this link.  You can find a distillation of ideas, PD events valued by those in the chat, and shared websites for PD here.

And most of all, you can join us again this Thursday at 8 PM ET using the #DENChat hashtag!  This week’s question revolves around UDLs.  What is a UDL?  And how can web tools (like Discovery) help to run a UDL Classroom?

NOTE: Got an idea for a future #DENChat discussion?  Please let us know by posting it here!


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    Thanks Tim and Lisa for leading us through this lively discussion. Tim, this is a great way to sum up what took place during the #DENchat. I’ll be there this Thursday. “See” you then.

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