This week on DENvice: Welcome Dr. Lodge McCammon


This week on DENvice we welcome Dr. Lodge McCammon!

We are super excited for a great week of sharing and learning. View the video for this week’s question. Then, head over to DENvice to share your thoughts with Dr. Lodge.

Make sure to check out Dr. Lodge at NC State’s Friday Institute for Educational Innovation and on the FIZZ Facebook page.

Click here to view on YouTube.


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  1. Sheryl Roberts said:

    I find the whole idea intriguing, but having the family watching me on the video reminds me of parents who ask to observe in the classroom and surreptitiously record or video tape the lesson. Yes, this happens. You don’t have to be a bad teacher for this to happen to you. Because of this, in our district, parents cannot observe a teacher teaching, nor can any other outside person, without an administrator present. In an age where lawsuits are prevalent, couldn’t this be a problem? I do not think my principal would allow this just as a measure to protect us. I do save my promethean notes and put them on my web site as back up notes for my students. That is about all I feel brave enough to do.

    Your idea of self reflection is an excellent one and I look forward to listening in to learn other good ideas.

  2. Mary said:

    Are you talking more about playing back direct instruction with student interaction or a flipped classroom type situation where the instruction is what I just witnessed from you and creating a response system like what I am doing right now for comments from home? I love the idea of flipping, but to bring my classroom into the homes may create a climate where students may not want to share and ask questions that they normally would had they not been filmed.
    I think the reflection piece is extremely important to the success of anything. I just did that with my fourth grade students with them assessing their strengths and weaknesses while recalling and labeling the states of the U.S. They created a plan for future success based on their performance.

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