Using QR Codes in the Classroom

Using QR codes in the classroom is a great way to start bringing in technology in a fun and engaging way. It can be a first project to tackle that doesn’t require much equipment and has a lasting outcome. The video, “Black and White and Scanned All Over,” shows an array of ways to use QR codes across the curriculum. Go watch it. Really! Just, come back! Let’s look at a few of the questions you might have…

What do I need?

There are tons of free apps out there for any operating system. You’ll need some kind of code reader. I use two old smartphones that have wifi and can still use the non-phone related functions. If you don’t have a smartphone, there are even a few options for you! Other than that, you’ll just need a printer and some creativity!

How do I create my own codes?

The easiest generator to use, in my opinion, is probably, but it does limit character input to 160. If you are looking for more room to write, try

What can I try?

The video is obviously full of awesome ideas, so steal, steal, steal!

Provide read-aloud accommodations by using Grab your worksheet, test, or other assignment, and record yourself reading each question from your computer. Vocaroo will generate an online link for your recording, and you can paste that link into the QR Code generator. Print out the QR code and tape it onto the corner of your worksheet before you photocopy it. Students can scan, plug in their headphones, and they are ready to go! This also works great for world language and speech therapy teachers.

Check out Classtools for a QR Code Treasure Hunt generator. Here’s one they made for St. Patrick’s Day!

Have students write short book reviews and create codes for them. They can print the codes and paste them into the back of the book for other students to reference and decide if they want to read the book, based on the recommendations of their peers.

Keep all of your contact information in one place!

Have fun! And share what you do!

Thanks to Sra. Selena Jiminez for sharing some of these ideas and resources at yesterday’s DISCOVER-y THIS! event!