Get on board OR get out of the way!

I had the most fantastic day sharing Glogster EDU with 103 sixth graders. They had been studying World Religions and using DE to locate images and videos. Their teacher was just going to have them present their findings on a poster board….so old school! I asked if I could share with her a poster board on steroids and she said yes.

It took me less than 10 minutes to log them on, take them through a tutorial using the Flypaper template and they began creating the most wonderful glogs. Their teacher said it surprised her how quickly they “got” it. I shared that technology has taken over our kids already- we, as educators, just have to catch up. And then she said, “I have been teaching for 30 years. I guess I better get on board or get out of the way and I am not ready to stop this journey yet.”  I am pretty sure that her poster board and markers have just made their way back into her storeroom. SCORE ONE for TECHNOLOGY!