It all comes down to this…..

Planning a family curriculum night for an elementary school can be a daunting job and extremely tiring. You want to make sure that you focus on things the students should know, while covering all aspects of the curriculum. One of my jobs is to plan entertaining, fulfilling, jaw-dropping, integrated family nights for my schools. I plan, stress, beg, create, make, design, and lose sleep over making it the BEST night ever for the students, parents, and teachers. Tonight was our AMAZING READING RACE based on the CBS show “AMAZING RACE”. It had everything…special guests, door prizes, great books, challenges, pit stops, detours, roadblocks, food- just everything! As we were wrapping things up, I noticed that one of my parents was still sitting at the pit stop working with her child. As I walked over to see if I could assist, I heard the child say….”Come on mom- you can do this! When you have an e on the end of the word- the vowel says its’ name.” I had to walk away for a moment. That precious child was teaching his precious mother how to read. A second grader! The aches and pains that I will feel in the morning and the mounds of things that I will need to clean up are absolutely nothing compared to the joy that is in my heart. It all comes down to this…..we create the moments for our students to grow and then stand back and watch them. I am so thankful for those moments.


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