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iPad Apps for School



iPad Apps for School is another site from Richard Byrne, author of Free Technology for Teachers and Android 4 Schools. In this site, Richard and his guest authors will be sharing resources and reviews of apps (mostly free) that can be used in K-12 schools, along with ways that those apps can be used in the educational setting by teachers, students, and administrators.



If you use iPads as an educator, administrator, or student, or your school is looking at using them, you should check out this site.





Android SmartPhone and Apps that I use as an Educator


Android resources – information, news, resources, and more





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  1. James said:

    I think school education system changed a lot as compare to past; Rise of apps for school responsible for Hi-Tech branded schools. The final outcome of these apps is easy teacher and print communication as well as parents pay online fees in easy way and many more.

  2. Sudesh said:

    School mobile app for students in schools. Also have mobile app for teachers, both parents and teachers can access single mobile app. Veraxe is also available on web interface.

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