Common Core Standards in Student Friendly Language

Curriculum standards can be hard for adults to understand let alone students and parents.  The Curriculum Corner has an excellent solution.  They have created posters for grades K-5 that explain the standards in student friendly language.  Each poster is presented as a checklist so students can use it to see how they are doing and teachers can use it to indicate where a student may need more work.  Check it out here:


One Comment;

  1. Ivan said:

    I am currently sitting in CCSS training and after going through this resource I am not sure if it really delivers the correct guidance for us as teachers. The CCSS will require students to demonstrate their understandings and apply their learning to multiple situations. The \I Can\ lists are pre-CCSS and I believe will help us reach the depth of knowledge, understanding, and application necessary for our students to reach higher levels of achievement and performance.

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