Need Money?

If you are an educator, I am sure that you are yelling YES at the screen right now. Funding our dreams in the classroom can be very expensive and unfortunately our schools can’t always help out. Have you tried websites like Donors Choose? Simple, simple to join and a very easy to write proposal. You even get to shop online!

At DENSI 2012, around 15 Stars gathered together to work on finding and writing grants… of today- this little group has collectively won over $70,000 for iPads, archery equipment, books, projectors, field trips, outdoor equipment, microscopes, geocaching supplies, macbooks, and more. Places like Walmart, LOWES, Target, Sprint, Verizon, Honda, Toshiba, and Motorola are ready and waiting to fund your requests. The number one piece of advice is BE HONEST and SIMPLE in your requests. Your compassion for teaching really should show through. The other day, over 100 5th graders were on DE Streaming investigating Force & Motion. As soon as they saw the roller coaster videos, they knew that they just had to build models like those in the classroom. The teacher called me and I contacted Home Depot. Within 24 hours we had over 200 feet of PVC pipes and gutters delivered to their classrooms. Don’t fret if money is an issue…..there are people out there waiting to help!


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  1. David taylor said:

    Grants are an amazing resource. I use donors to fund small materials and resources based grants.

  2. Katie Warren said:

    Dacia, I think you are amazing. You share your enthusiasm and spontaneous ability to provide for the needs of multiple classrooms with all of us so willingly. Thank you!

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