How to Use DE Media for Awesome Projects: PicCollage App

PicCollage is an easy to use app for iPads or iPhones that will have your students creating beautiful posters in no time.   The great thing about this app is that you can import images from the camera roll, meaning you can save great quality images from Discovery Education and use them in your posters.  Your students can create posters on any subject/curriculum area because of the ability to import their own images.

Here is an example of a rain forest poster created with PicCollage:







Do you want to learn how to use this app with Discovery Education media?  Here is a video to teach you how:



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  1. Carolyn Stanley said:

    Hi, Karen,
    I agree that PicCollage is a really great app. I thought I’d give you a link to the post I composed about it in 2011.
    I only used pictures I had taken with my iPad, but using DE media is a terrific idea. As I say in my post, I learned about the app from my students. Thanks for sharing. It is still a terrific app – so versatile. Your tutorial is very helpful. I would love to know how what software you used to record it. I assume you had your iPad hooked to your computer screen – then what did you use?

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