Universal Learning Design #DENChat

Last week, Lisa Parisi hosted our fourth #DENChat centered on the question of Universal Learning Design (UDL).  Several participants (myself included) had heard of UDL, but was unfamiliar with how it plays out in the classroom.  As a result, the conversation was truly a professional development experience.

And that’s a good summation of all our #DENChats so far.

Universal Design for Learning centers on making teaching, learning, and assessments that meet the needs of all students.  It goes beyond merely making accommodations and modifications for individual students with disabilities or an IEP.  It is the product of knowing your students and offering them a way to demonstrate their learning in ways that meet their individual personalities.

If you missed our #DENChat (or need to refresh yourself on the numerous resources and links mentioned!), you can find the archive here.

Join us again this Thursday at 8PM ET when Paula Naugle takes the reins and leads us in a discussion on the many ways we connect our classes to others.  See you there!


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