On the path to healthy choices with Fit 4 the Classroom

Discovery Education has joined forces with Sanford Heath and WebMD to create Fit 4 the Classroom. This site has amazing resources to help your students get moving, exercise healthy eating habits and think about making health conscious decisions throughout their day.

My fellow DENvice team member Zulma Whiteford loves the Fit 4 the Classroom resources for her health classes.  Here’s an example of she incorporates a Fit 4 the Classroom lesson:

As a Health teacher I absolutely love the Fit 4 the Classroom resource! The Sugar Detective Lesson was timely and age appropriate (Grade 5) and it brought together all the resources in an easy-to-use manner. After completing the “Life of a Soda” portion, we culminated the lesson with a hands on experiment where we measured the amount of sugar in Coke vs Diet Coke and incorporated various concepts like density.
Check out the Sugar Detective Lesson.

I put the Fit 4 the Classroom resources to work in the foyer of my school. Across from where my students sit and wait to be picked up from after school activities, there is a wall of glass bricks. I used the space to create a spring-themed QR code display. Where do the QR codes take students? Right to the Fit 4 the Classroom videos, interactive quizzes and instructional slide shows. Nothing like using student down time to sneak in a lesson!




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  1. Peter said:

    I’m always disappointed that the government doesn’t do more to try and reduce the amount of junk food advertising directed at kids on TV during children’s viewing hours.

    Junk food advertising is now so pervasive and so effective that unless there is some move to control or reduce it all other efforts will be negated. It’s an issue for our generation or the next generation will be junk food addicts.

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