A DEN STAR Ambassador’s Success Story: Meet Erik Gonzalez

A few weeks ago we received a glowing email from David Futch (Discovery Education PD) who wanted to share his excitement for the success story of  DEN STAR Ambassador Erik Gonzalez from Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

Like a proud Papa, David shared his story with us and we knew instantly we had to share it with you.

I reached out to Erik to share his story in his own words and here is what he had to say.

I would like to thank both David and Erik for all of the hard work they have put in to ensure they are leveraging the power of technology and digital media and, of course, empowering all students to learn.

Here is Erik’s Story:

When I first started the coaching program, I was paired up with David Futch, my Discovery Coach.  After speaking with him, I mentioned a challenge that our school was having.  The challenge was that, during our middle block, because it is extended due to several lunch schedules, we had a school-wide math middle block activity to do. Even though the students were doing the worksheet, it was difficult for them to know if they were doing it correctly or understanding the concept because it was given to the entire school; therefore, some of our language arts and/or special area teachers were not able to explain the correct procedure at times to help the students solve the problems correctly.

I mentioned to David, my Discovery Coach, if there was any way possible that I could produce a video explaining the key concepts of that activity, show them a practice problem, have the students do the activity, and then review the correct answers with the proper steps in order to solve the problem.  To sum it up, something similar to the Khan Academy Videos.  After some brainstorming, we were able to produce the 1st video, and show it through the TV sets in each of the classrooms.  I must say that it became a huge success at our school, with teachers raving about the idea as well as students participating in some of the videos.

After making about 10 videos, I spoke with my Discovery Education Coach again, David to see how I could be able to upload some into the Discovery Education website.  As of today, I am proud to say that I have uploaded my 1st video to share with others, and as the school year progresses, I plan to upload my entire collection of videos.


If you would like to view Erik’s video you can find it by clicking HERE. (You must be logged in to Discovery Education to view the video)





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  1. janet rodriguez said:

    I have a comment about the story you did on Eric Gonzalez David should not be a proud papa due to that fact that the man is a deadbeat father to my 17 year old son. maybe before you do a story on a subject who claims to be so good with students you should find out the history of a man who abandons his son 17 years ago and has not once been concerned about him. but I will thank your story because due to it I have now found him and he legally take him to child support

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