Ten Lessons From Mooresville

In a recent article, Mooresville Graded School District’s Superintendent Mark Edwards, talks about how it took his district five years to become an overnight success. This is a great example of how one of our Discovery Education partners and digital Techbook adopters is leading the charge on digital conversion to increase student achievement and close gaps between different groups of students. You can find the link to the full article below.

Dr. Edwards provides the following 10 lessons that every district undergoing a digital transformation can learn from:

  1. Build a Foundation
  2. Form Strategic Alliances
  3. Thoroughly Think Through Logistics
  4. Rethink Fund Allocation
  5. Apply Gentle Yet Sustained Pressure
  6. Empower and Educate Your Teachers
  7. Watch the Transformation
  8. Collect and Use Data Wisely
  9. Share Best Practices
  10. Continue to Evolve

To find out more about Mooresville visit:  http://www.scholastic.com/browse/article.jsp?id=3757944