This week on DENvice: STEMming engagement beyond the classroom

Stop, collaborate and listen…this week on DENvice we welcome our own STEM superhero, Zulma Whiteford. Zulma is looking for creative ways to continue STEM education outside the classroom.

Here is her question:

STEM education supports curiosity, exploration, discovery, higher-level thinking, logical reasoning, collaboration and problem solving, both inside and outside the classroom. What types of STEM after school programs does your school offer your students to continue promoting STEM education beyond the classroom walls? Stop on in, collaborate and share your ideas!

Check out Zulma’s STEM in the Classroom blog for ideas on extending STEM education to after school programs. Then, visit us on DENvice and share your ideas.

Note: If Ice Ice Baby is stuck in your head blame Zulma, not me.


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