Science With A Twist

Glenda Moton, DEN STAR from Miami-Dade County Public Schools, recently worked with Barry University in hosting 300 elementary students for an exciting event called “Science With a Twist”.  The event was such a success that the university is interested in hosting it again next year. The evening provided students, parents and teachers the opportunity to hear from science experts and see science concepts in action. As educators we all know the importance of making what students are learning relevant to the world around them. This event did just that, exciting many students and sparking their natural curiosity for science.

Below is a summary of the event. Thank you to Glenda Moton for sharing! I hope this sparks some ideas for those of you who are looking for new ways to inspire your students. Enjoy!


On Monday, March 11, Barry University’s School of Education and SWAT (Science with a Twist Inc.) hosted 300 local elementary school students at Barry’s main campus in Miami Shores, Fla.

“There are many things parents do outside of their child’s school to keep them learning, to support them, to motivate them,” said parent Gloria Arcia. “For me, this event did just that; it helped my son see how fun science can be from a hands-on perspective. I wish more events like this were available for local communities to take advantage of.”

Parents, students, and teachers from Olinda, Gratigny and Miami Shores Elementary schools met Henry Bursian, NASA’s Chief of the Cryogenics Propulsion at the Kennedy Space Center. Bursian took the show as he wowed students with a hovercraft demonstration.

Other special guests included Mark Fagan from the Department of Agriculture, Lynne Hudgins from Nature’s Natives and Detective Carol McKinnon from the Miami-Dade County Police Department.

The Education Association of Barry (EAB) helped facilitate 25 science and math stations where students participated in learning labs and asked questions. “It was exciting to contribute to the knowledge of science for kids from the local schools,” said EAB junior Brenda Zelaya.




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