Tweet Anxiety!

Yesterday was quite an interesting day on Twitter! The DEN Stars were tweeting anxiously to find out if anyone had heard about DENSI 2013. At first it was fun and light-hearted! Just cute little comments saying, “I can’t wait” or “So nervous”. At around noon (EST), the tweets became more intense….”Has anyone heard anything? ” “Anyone, Anyone, Bueller?” “This is a cruel April Fool’s Joke”. At around 4 pm (EST), people were equating the pressure to the rapture. “Is anyone out there?” “Am I the only one who hasn’t heard?” Thank goodness at around 5 pm (EST), the tweets turned into sheer joy! “I’m in”. “Thanks DEN”.

Thank you DEN for offering such a wonderful professional development for educators. DENSI 2013 is going to be amazing! I can’t imagine that you guys can beat DENSI 2012 but I am willing to be surprised. See you in VERMONT!


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