DEN Spring VirtCon: Full schedule now posted!

What has 21 sessions, 32 face to face events, and more than 700 people signed up to attend??

Ok, perhaps the title of the blog post gave it away a little, but yes… it’s the DEN Spring VirtCon!  In just a few short weeks, we’ll be hosting our 11th Virtual Conference, which promises to be our biggest one yet.  We have just posted the full schedule which includes 18 concurrent sessions, 3 keynotes and even a precon hosted by yours truly 🙂

For the full schedule, visit the Presentations page.  Don’t forget, you can check off which sessions you’re interested in so you can network with other attendees.  If you are a little stressed that there’s two sessions at the same time slot and you don’t want to miss either…  we’ve got you covered.  Every session will be archived in real time.  This means that you can start watching the recording seconds after the presentation is completed!

To me though, the most exciting part of the VirtCon is the Face 2 Face events.  There’s nothing better than being in the same room with other educators during an inspiring presentation.  There’s a buzz that you just can’t get any other way.  As of today, we have 32 Face 2 Face events scheduled all over North America.  You can find them all on our Locations page.   Don’t see one in your area?  Host your own!  If you do, we’ll spring for lunch, up to $10 per attendee.  Doesn’t matter if you have 3 people or 300 people, it’s a great way to maintain your STAR status!  You can learn more about hosting an event here.

So what are you waiting for?  Register for the Spring VirtCon today!