Wanna Be a DENbrarian?

We are so excited about DEN Reads and the professional reading that is being shared, but we couldn’t imagine leaving out the kids? Young Adult literature has become increasingly popular over the last few years for kids and adults, alike. Thanks to YA series, like The Hunger Games, millions of people are coming back to reading as a form of learning and entertainment. Children today are seeing readers as role models and reading as a joy. To continue to develop this love of reading and deepen it further, Sandi Dennis (Georgia DEN STAR extraordinaire) has started a league of DENbrarians to find and organize resources to support a new YA novel each month. We’re kicking off April with the 2013 Newbery Award winning The One and Only Ivan, by K.A. Applegate.



So, how do you participate? 

Check out the resource board for The One and Only Ivan on Pinterest and follow it (and ALL of DiscoveryEd’s boards, for that matter).

Read this month’s book, The One and Only Ivan.

Fill out THIS FORM if you want to be added as a DENbrarian to help gather resources for this and future books!

Keep reading, sharing and learning!


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  1. Karen Lossing said:

    This is fantastic!! I love finding ways to bring books to life! I have something on a much, much smaller scale that I have done with students called TechNOVELgy. Four activities per book…a personal response, something to see or listen to, something digital to make, and a “wild card” activity. It helped promote readership of some of my favorite books and put a spark in the library. http://www.technovelgy.wikispaces.com

  2. Peggy Viger said:

    I’m a Library Media Specialist & I think this is a DYNAMITE idea to help me connect my love of books with my love of DiscoveryEd. I do a workshop each summer with my teachers to share the new things Discovery has for them. I’ve got the reputation for being a DiscoveryEd fanatic, which I’m pretty proud of. I can’t wait to develop and share this idea at my summer workshop!!

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