Time to Discover

Today, I was reminded about the importance of giving students time to discover. I posted three questions on the board: How might water displacement help us find the density of a rock? What is the difference between weight, mass, and density? How could you use metrics in the answers to the above questions? I allowed them to use any of the tools, that we had available, to help them with these questions.

5 minutes into the assignment, students were pulling out rocks, graduated cylinders, scales, iPads, cups, water, and ice. Some students had started to draw sketches for hypotheses, while others were looking up definitions for needed vocabulary. Each of the six table groups, started to compile a mini-presentation to share with their peers.

30 minutes in the challenge: Keynotes/Powerpoints, demonstrations under document cameras, and tutorial videos were being created and put in to our work flow space in Edmodo.

Wow! An hour into this assignment, and the students are begging for 30 more minutes. As I look around, all thirty students are fully engaged and thinking. I was reminded about the importance of taking a step back, as the teacher, and allowing the students to have time to satisfy their natural curiousity.


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  1. Andrea Earl said:

    You are so right. Students need time to discover. Can you please elaborate on how students put their work into the \work flow space on Edmodo?

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