Celebrate Earth Day by Connecting with the DEN!


Join Discovery Education’s innovative project that connects students and teachers with Discovery Education’s resources, new web 2.0 tools, and each other!



This month we are celebrating Earth Day by learning ways to protect the planet.  Students can explore Digital Dive scavenger hunts through Discovery Education resources, educators have access to already created media-infused lesson plans featuring our S.O.S. integration ideas, everyone can try our Web 2.0 tool-of-the-month Smore, and classes can connect through Facetime chats.

Visit our DEN Connects site to learn more about the program and view this month’s resources.  Decide which part you want to participate in and register to receive our updates and certificate of participation.

Here’s a sneak peak….

Essential Question: How does using renewable forms of energy and recycling sustain our planet?
Everyday students and staff use items that are thrown away into the trash. You and your students may not realize that so many of those items could be recycled. We can all keep our planet green by learning about and using recycling and renewable forms of energy.

Come check out the resources we’ve pulled together to help you and your students learn more!


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