Spring VirtCon: Important Announcement for TN

We are one week away from one of the most exciting and productive professional development events available to teachers each year: The DEN Spring Virtual Conference!  Sessions will be broadcast all day over LiveStream.  In addition, there are dozens of locations across the US where teachers are gathering together to watch all or part of the webcasts and spend time talking, training, sharing, and…of course…eating.

We have an important announcement about a change to the schedule for the Knoxville location.  If you haven’t signed up yet, you will definitely want to now!

Previously, we had announced that Lance Rougeux would be kicking off the day with the first streamed webcast.  That assumption was premature, I’m afraid.

Lance Rougeux will be at the Knoxville location for the Spring Virtual Conference.  And, he will do our closing keynote.  But, it will not be one of the LiveStream webcast events.  That’s right.  If you want to see Lance and participate in his talk, you must sign up to attend the Knoxville Spring Virtual Conference.

Did that get your attention?  I hope so!

When you sign up for the Knoxville Virtual Conference event at the L&N STEM Academy, you will also be asked to consider doing a TeachMeet session for us.  This “unconference” style part of our day is an exciting time for teachers to just share with other teachers.  No fancy presentations necessary.  No handouts needed.  Just teachers talking about something they are passionate about.  A website. Software.  A teaching practice.  A Project or Problem Based Learning unit.  A Common Core lesson plan.  Downton Abbey.  (OK, I was just making sure you were still paying attention.)

Don’t miss this opportunity to see the Lance RougeuxLIVE.  Sign up today!

Click this link for the registration form.