#DENChat 6 Is Archived

Did you miss our 6th installment of #DENChat?  I know I did.  Work got in the way.  And then the weather.  And, well, I couldn’t get online for the chat.  Every week I hear from someone who, like me last week, didn’t make it.  That’s why there is an archive.

These are important conversations among friends in the DEN.  Conversations about our professional practice.  About our own growth and commitment to excellence.  About our personal inquiry.  And, like any online conversation in today’s web-wired-world, it should still be available later to go back and review.  To think through again.  To find the nuggets missed in the chaos that can be a Twitter chat.  Or, like me, to actually read it for the first time.

Last week, Elaine Plybon led us through a discussion on how technology is being used to differentiate instruction for the diverse learners in our classrooms.  Technology is not a silver bullet for education, but it can be a great tool to help level the playing field so every learner has a chance to succeed.

Take a few minutes and scan the chat archive at Storify.  I think you’ll be glad you did.

And then, mark your calendars for this Thursday as Cate Beck leads our chat on favorite lesson plans, unit plans, and activities.  The chat starts at 8 PM ET on Thursday, April 18.  See you there!


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