More Updates on the Knoxville Virtual Conference

We’re getting close now!  This Saturday, April 20th, is the Spring Virtual Conference for Discovery.  There are lots of great Live Stream feeds planned for the day.  And, there are also dozens of local events being hosted across the country as educators come together to share their knowledge and experience and learn together.  Knoxville is one of those places.

We are hosting a live event for the Virtual Conference at the L&N STEM Academy in downtown Knoxville.  The Leadership Council has put together a fantastic day that combines participating in the Live Streams, two hours of TeachMeet sessions, and a special available-to-this-group-only time with Lance Rougeux.  In addition to doing one of our TeachMeet sessions on the new Wall Builder tool coming out in DE Streaming this May, Lance will give our closing keynote session: It’s OK To Be A “C” Student.  Here’s a quick description of that session:

  • Now that everything is digital, mobile, and social, it is essential that we think outside the box, outside the book, and outside the classroom, when it comes to teaching and learning. Starting with ourselves as learners as well as leaders we can model the rich, community-driven experiences that we want for our students. Then we can see that being a “C” student is not such a bad thing in the context of inspiring students to create, communicate, collaborate, and remain ever curious.

All of that and lunch provided, too!  Doors will open at 8 AM.  We’ll kick off shortly after 8:30 with a few introductions and announcements.  The first Live Stream session starts promptly at 9 AM ET.

Its not too late (yet) to sign up!  You can register at this link.

We’re asking you to consider giving back to the teachers with whom you will share this experience.  If you have a lesson, a unit, an activity, a favorite website, a must-have app, a SMART Notebook tip, or just a question you’d love to pose to other teachers and have a discussion, we would love for you to agree to lead one of our 30 minute TeachMeet sessions.  You’ll find more information on the registration page.

NOTE: For Knox County Schools teachers only… You WILL receive ERO credit for unscheduled district-wide professional development.  It will be added to the ERO files after the weekend.  And, if you agree to do one of our TeachMeet sessions, we can throw in an additional 30 minutes for your planning time.

Again, here is a link to register.


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  1. Katherine Turner said:

    Had an amazing day at the DEN event at L&N STEM School!
    Couldn’t quit talking about it to my colleagues-on a Monday-LOL!

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