DEN Spring Training 2013

Are you ready to keep that STAR status in shape? DEN Spring Training is just the thing to help. We’ll connect, collaborate, learn, and even earn some cool prizes like this awesome solar powered dancing butterfly. (You always wanted one of these. I know it. You know how I know? I have one on my desk already and LOVE it.)

OK, so how do you win some of this great DEN SWAG?

First, let us know you want to join in on the fun by filling out this form:
Then give us a day to get you added to our Spring Training group on Youtopia.

Once you’ve been added, get started on your activities. You’ll earn points and badges and we’ll see who’s leading DEN Spring Training. It’s going to be all sorts of fun.



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  1. Brenda Green said:

    Love the Spring Training challenge every spring! Thanks DEN!

  2. Dave Tchozewski said:

    I’ve been working on MY Spring Training!

  3. Mary T McCullagh said:

    Great way to keep us engaged as the school year winds down!

  4. Beth Weeks said:

    Ok.. going through the list and marking the ones I have done or am doing all the time!!!! Can’t wait for those to be approved and to see my new DEN swag!!!!!

  5. Elaine Plybon said:

    Love the use of Youtopia to make it easier to keep track of what we have done and what needs to be done!

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