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“Books wait like miracles. Now come along for the ride.”


That’s from one of this post’s items:  a wonderful book called Little Library Mouse by Stephanie Lisa Tara.  I got it as an ebook, but there are print editions also.  A mouse enjoys the books in the closed for the night library, imagining himself in various books in the series of short poems that make up the books.  He becomes a king (or queen), a ladybug,  a plane, winter, colors, a tiger, a mystery,  and more.  The accompanying pictures are wonderful and colorful.  It’s a great book for encouraging a love of reading.


From StoryToys comes an interactive version of Grimm’s Puss in Boots for the iPad.  The book’s illustrations have 3-D effect and different activities for each.  There are options to read the book yourself or have it read to you, making it useful for a range of elementary age students.   Storytoys has a series of these interactive books on various fairy tales.


From the Lulu & Zazou Collection, produced by Zanzibook, comes Lulu in Australia.  This iPad interactive book has versions in both English and French, sound and a game to match all the pieces of the jumbled animal pictures, as well as the book itself.  Lulu and her cat are making a trip around the world beginning with this trip to Australia.  The text is read aloud (with other commentary added after)  and the pictures have movement, activities and even some surprises when you tap on the items in the pictures, making it useful for younger ages.  Readers learn about Australia’s people, places and animals in this fun book.


An interesting cast of characters populates the interactive sci fi chapter book: Jorgits: the end of winter. As you read the book, there are adventures to load with secrets to find, space items to explore and numbered side notes that bring a pop-up window with more info about the characters and their world Jorg. The book has lots of fun features and an easy guide to the them is available, along with a table of contents and other menu options. The story and design are by Tank & Bear.


Poetic Puns– Grammar Made Fun: learning parts of speech with silly poems that teach by Ponn Sabra  use fun poetry to help students learn and remember the parts of speech.  An audio version and other bonuses are available via a link to the author’s website.


Check it out!


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