DEN Geocaching Day – May 18, 2013

Are you interested in exploring the great outdoors with friends?  Are you interested in gathering with fellow DEN members?  Are you interested in going on a hi-tech treasure hunt?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you should participating in DEN Geocaching Day on Saturday, May 18th.  This isn’t just an ordinary DEN Geocaching Day, this the DEN’s 5th Annual event.  Geocaching is a free, real-world outdoor treasure hunt.  When you go geocaching, you try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS.  When you find one, you can then share your experience with others.

On May 18th,  we encourage every DEN member to get out and have some fun.  You could go out on your own to find caches in your area, but a better option would be to host your own geocaching event.  The DEN will support your event by sending you an official 2013 DEN Geocaching coin to plant, provide lunch for your group, and even send you a some goodies to give to those joining you.

Ready learn more about geocaching?  Join DEN STAR and Guru Conni Mulligan as she shares her geocaching knowledge with the community on Tuesday, April 23rd.  She will share information about how to transform Geocaching, a real-world outdoor treasure hunt, into an exciting instructional activity. She’ll discuss ways you can get involved in your own community, and explore strategies for making Earth Day everyday.  Register now for this webinar.

We’ll be sharing information about specific DEN Geocaching locations soon, but if you’re interested in hosting your own event, fill out this form.



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  2. Mark said:

    Hope you are coming! Only 4 signed up for our NC event at Cedar Rock Park!!! Come on out.

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