Wake County Hosts The DEN Spring Virtual Conference

On Saturday I had the pleasure of working with Marlo Gaddis, Alison Schleede and Jean Monroe from Wake County where we hosted the largest in-person event for the DEN Spring Virtual Conference. Nearly 70 educators from across the district joined us for a day of professional development, networking, food, and fun. We hosted both in-person and virtual sessions throughout the day as educators explored topics such as PBL, Flipping your Classroom, Brain Friendly Learning, PLN Speed Dating, Designing lessons with TPACK, DE and Google Earth, and  Spotlight on Strategies.

Each time I get the opportunity to work with educators I’m inspired by their passion and energy. It was such a privilege to spend the day in Wake County and I met some amazing individuals that have helped me to expand my PLN.

We asked the attendees to use one word to describe the day. As you can see from the Wordle, the DEN Virtual Conference was a huge success. I look forward to being back in Wake County again soon!


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