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Why Evernote?

Just yesterday I completed another presentation about the power of Evenote and I received an interesting question from a person in the audience. She asked, “With tools like Google Drive, why do you need Evernote?” That was a great question since they have similar features, but here is my attempt to explain why you want to start using Evernote:


1. Let’s start with the definition of Evernote. Yes it is a place to take notes and store it in a cloud-based system. The other major component of the tool is that it also helps the user to archive information which includes text, photos, links, and audio. Each piece of information can be tagged for searching purposes and added to notebook(s).


2. Access, Access, Access! When you take notes on paper or collect a handout it is placed in one location. Currently Evernote is available online, Mac app, Windows app, iOS, and Android which means you can login and access you notes or resources from just about anywhere with an internet connection.


3. It is easy to share! Whether it is one note or an entire notebook, you can share it with one click. The share function allows for email, Twitter, Facebook, or it creates a special URL. The person that receive the note does not need an Evernote account to see it.


4. Web tools to make the job easier. Web clipper available on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari allows the user to make a screenshot of a webpage and save it to Evernote.When the note is saved, the links of the website screenshot are active and the URL of the site is saved too. Clearly makes online articles easy to read about taking out of the “site junk,” including ads.


5. All of the mobile apps that work well with Evernote! News 360 is an app that allows you to customize your news experience and quickly save articles to Evernote. When you are at conferences like I am right now, Evernote Hello helps you save contact information including pictures. There are many, many more!


Sign up for an account and give Evernote a try. If you were like me, start using the account you signed up for ages ago. Organize your notebooks in a way that makes sense to you! Don’t forget to add tags, it really helps in the search process. Finally if you would like some additional tips, check out my collection.


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  1. Carolyn Stanley said:

    Love Evernote! I even was able to use it with our Google Apps for Education Domain. I created a note with a bunch of resources on Jack London for a seventh grade class. I was then able to share it with my school Google account, and then from there, I was able to share that email by forwarding it an entire group of students, so they all had access to the note. Pretty cool. I also love the convenience of using “clip to Evernote” feature when searching the web. So many times I’ve wanted to go back and find something of importance, and it’s lost forever. Not with Evernote- as long as I remember to file it properly in Evernote, I can find it again. I also appreciate that you can search on notes by month and year – just in case I forget which notebook I filed it in. Somehow, I never use up my monthly allotment. Free is good.

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