DEN Spring VirtCon: That’s a wrap!

Twice a year we host a virtual conference.  And each time, when the event is over, I walk away shaking my head in admiration.

I admire the presenters, who take the time to put together these phenomenal presentations.  They learn a new platform, put themselves out there in front of hundreds of educators, and spend an enormous amount of time crafting a learning experience for teachers to use to improve student learning.  Without them, there is no VirtCon.

I admire the Face 2 Face hosts who open their doors so that their local community can have a shared conference experience.  These people find a location, promote it, get there early to set things up, figure out lunch and swag… becasue they can see the bigger picture and want to share it with others.  Face to face, arm in arm.  There’s something very powerful about that, and it’s a critical part of what’s commonly thought of as a virtual conference.  Without them, there is no VirtCon.

I also admire the members of the DE team.  It’s an inside joke amongst us, after working all day Saturday being offered to ‘take the day off’ on Sunday.  Even the people that weren’t required to be on duty that day, spent the day participating.  Whether they were in the chat, watching sessions, at a local event, or just retweeting, I’m constantly inspired by the commitment to our community that the members of our team display.  And that’s not even counting the hours spent setting up events, promoting the VirtCon, helping out with messaging and prizes…  It really does take a village.  And without them, there is no VirtCon.

Which brings us to the attendees.  More than 2400 educators took time out of their Saturday to participate in the VirtCon this Saturday.  Think about that.  It’s absolutely astonishing.  A beautiful Spring weekend, and thousands of educators are tuning in to connect, collaborate and learn from each other.  Inspiring indeed.  And without all of you, there is no VirtCon.

So with that, I’d just like to say a giant thank you to each one of you that participated this past weekend.  And here’s my promise to you:  You keep coming, we’ll keep hosting it.

I guess that means it’s time to start working on the Fall, eh?

Watch archives from the Spring VirtCon here