Grants R’ Us

I had the most amazing privilege of attending DENSI 2012 last summer in Bozeman, Montana. I met some of the most beautiful and talented people that I have ever known in education. We learned, ate, raced, danced, blogged, videoed, traveled, laughed, and then we unconferenced! During this unconference time about 15 people gathered and spent MOST of the day looking at and writing grants. As of today- (insert your own drum roll sound here), we have collectively received over $200,000. These funds have come from Target, Carolina Biological, Donors Choose, Walmart, LOWE’s, Corning Foundation, PEPSI, NASP, and local foundations. Most recently we have reports of a $50,000 MAC lab and a $40,000 Pepsi Science Lab. The good news just keeps coming. Let’s keep it going! In just a few months, more grant opportunities will be opened. Begin thinking about next year and what you want in YOUR classroom. Just like the “Temptations”, “I ain’t too proud to beg!”


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  1. Andrea Keller said:

    Dacia, I am moving classrooms next year.. and so will a couple of my devices. However.. I would love to replace these devices. I have 2 iPads.. but would be okay with another type of tablet. Suggestions?

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