Literacy Night Encourages Family Participation

DEN STAR Lesley Locke-Sellinger, a 5th grade teacher from Dooley Elementary in Clark County School District, recently hosted a Literacy Night where families were invited to discover Discovery Education.

Below is a summary from the event. What I love most about this story is the fact that parents and students joined together to complete the activities, and they were empowered with resources that extends the learning beyond the walls of the classroom. The bookmarks with usernames and passwords is a creative way to share the information with families. Thank you to Lesley for sharing this with the DEN community!


Literacy night at Dooley Elementary looked very different! Families were invited to discover, “DISCOVERY.”

During this event parents, students, and other family members took a firsthand look at the unique educational components of Discovery Education’s interactive website. In one example, students were able view a short video clip on sharks and engage in a summarization journal strategy. This strategy can be used to assist students in recalling important information.

While students were engaged Mrs. Sellinger was able to share information about the digital resources available, and how parents can facilitate learning from home. Bookmarks with username and password information were distributed to families.  The night was a huge success!


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