Everything in the Cloud

On Saturday, April 13 approximately 30 educators from Wisconsin attended a two hour training sponsored by Discovery Education at the Apple Store, regarding digital content and “everything in the cloud.” The session focused on the potential of using resources such as iCloud to store, host and sync a variety of information. With many more mobile devices such as iPads being used in the classroom, there is conversation around file storage and the best and most efficient way to get photos, documents and more from one mobile device to another. This session was just the tip of the iceberg with all the many things you can do with cloud computing.

In addition, participates had a chance to learn about the free opportunity provided to all educators from Discovery Education. From now until the end of June, all educators are able to get a free version of the digital techbook that has been developed by Discovery Education. The books are currently available for K-12 science and middle school social studies curriculum. If you have not had a chance to get your copy…don’t delay as this is such an incredible gift! Thank you Discovery Education.

Submitted by Rita Mortenson


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