DEN STARs in the News: Kati Searcy

Georgia DEN STAR Kati Searcy has been named a receipient of The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History’s 2013 Best Practices Teaching Award. The award is given for innovation and excellence in using their resources through classroom applications and student projects.  The $500 award can be used for professional development and Kati is using the money for her trip to DENSI.   Kati has also been selected to participate in 2013 Gilder Lehrman’s Summer Seminar, “Madison and The Founding Era” at Montepelier, Virginia. Gilder Lehrman Teacher Seminars span a range of historical topics, from colonial times to the present. Led by eminent historians, Teacher Seminars are held at major educational and historical institutions and feature content that is intellectually rich and academically rigorous. This is an all-expense paid award.

For more information on the 2014  Gilder Lehrman Teacher Seminars, visit next fall.

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