Hosting Your Own DEN Event Has Never Been Easier

This past Saturday I attended the 2nd DENapalooza event in Atlanta, GA. It was extra special for me to participate in this event as it was hosted in Fulton County, which is where I began my teaching career over 10 years ago.

During our “Unconference” portion of the afternoon, I facilitated a session where we talked about resources you can use to host your own DEN events. During our chat I shared our “Events in a Box resource and it was a huge hit.

The DEN is all about sharing ideas and resources with other educators. As DEN STARs we know you are passionate about teaching and learning with digital media. We are always striving to provide resources and opportunities to stay active and as a result we developed an “Events in a Box” kit for the community. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check it out yet, take some time to head over to and click on the  “Events in a Box” page. We have taken some of our favorite webinars on topics such as Common Core, ELL, Digital Media, and Assessment and added discussion guides and invites. Within the past few weeks we have added even more webinars to chose from.

If you can’t find what you are looking for with Events in a Box, be sure to check out all of the amazing webinar archives from the DEN Spring Virtual Conference.

I would love to hear how you are using Events in a Box. And if you have a suggestion for future topics, leave a comment below.



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  1. Paula Naugle said:

    Thanks, Ginny, for sharing this information with us. I just checked out “Events in a Box” and went through the resources for A Day in the Life of a Discovery Educator. I am planning on sharing it with some teachers at my school in the next couple of weeks.

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