A Conversation with Sir Ken Robinson

Join us on Monday, May 6, at 7:00 PM ET, as we kick off Teacher Appreciation Week with a conversation with Sir Ken Robinson: Finding Your Element.  For an hour, Sir Ken Robinson will speak on digital learning and creativity.  There will also be time for questions and answers.

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  1. Catherina said:

    I’m particularly interested in gifted students and how we as educators can reveal creativity and natural curiosity of each student. Everybody is (can be) a genius. I truly believe that finding each student’s passions and talents at the early stage help both parts. It motivates us to teach and it inspires students to learn. I support personalized education. If we foster student’s natural curiosity and if we adapt our teaching style to student’s learning style and talents, it will lead into meaningful learning driving creativity and innovation.

  2. Darci Alishouse said:

    I support improving education and am a big fan of Sir Ken Robinson. My own children attend a non-traditional school that has helped them, I believe, blossom into amazing teenagers. I want all children to have the chance to blossom!

  3. Leslie said:

    I would like to hear about ways early childhood educators can take a stand against the stifling of creativity and self-expression that we see encroaching on our environments here in the US in the form of state standards and the testing of our youngest learners.

  4. Dean Boswell said:

    Every student is a gifted student the question is can you the teacher help a student find their gift. I grew up in a time that students that learn different go to the special ed class. I was constantly told how stupid I was and now all the people who were “gifted” tell me how smart I am because of my understanding of computers.

    I am a slow reader, my spelling is not great, I am generally not a great student, but I understand technology in a way almost no one else can. I spent so many years thinking I was a looser because I had so much trouble in schools when in reality the school system did not know how to teach me. The school system was the one with the problem.

    We are all different and all have an ability that makes us shine. Instead of trying to make every child fit the mold lets harvest all these unused abilities. What great things could we accomplish as a society if we were to harvest the abilities of a child instead of forcing them to master ones they cannot comprehend?

    I am not saying dump the basics, but when it is time to teach the advanced stuff we as a society need to rethink what we teach. Stop trying to fit the mold and stop making kids who do not have the ability to master what you think is important feel like losers.

  5. tine said:

    Will the talk be streamable on this page afterwards?

  6. Kathleen Mazzacco said:

    The site for certificate for webinar from Sir Ken Robinson does not work. How can I get the certificate? I was part of the live stream presentation last night.

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