#DENChat 8: Let Their Passions Shine

Last week Paula Naugle led the #DENChat in a wonderful conversation about how teachers are igniting the passion for learning in their students.  In an age where we are bombarded with reports of how testing is stifling teaching, teachers are still finding ways to let their kids passions shine through.

You can read through the Tweets here at Storify (thanks again to Lisa Parisi!).

This week, #DENChat will feature Elaine Plybon and Lisa Parisi in a chat-down about the Flipped Classroom.  Elaine is going to take the “pro” side of the discussion and Lisa will tweet out the “con” side.  This may just be our most energetic and thought-provoking chat yet!

Join us Thursday, May 2, at 8 PM ET by following the #DENChat hashtag on Twitter!


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  1. Paula Naugle said:

    I enjoyed leading this topic on #DENchat last week. I am hosting a 10 Day Passion Challenge. There are three levels of participation. I hope one of them sparks your interest. Please read this Google doc http://bit.ly/ZaZilf for more information and to sign up for the challenge.

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