Signing up for Spring Training leads to all kinds of new learning

Well, it feels as if spring has finally arrived in Connecticut. What a lovely day we had today! I was so  blessed to be able to spend a good deal of the day in my backyard by the pond where the purple and white violets are blooming profusely. It was wonderful.
Then, this evening I participated in the Thursday Evening Twitter Chat found at #DENchat. Tonight’s conversation was all about the flipped classroom. The chat participants brought all kinds of different viewpoints to the table about what flipping the classroom means to them. If you haven’t participated in a #DENchat, you might want to tune in next Thursday when Tim Childers will be leading a chat about Discovery Ed and STEM resources.

Speaking of resources, have you signed up for DEN Spring Training, yet? You still have 19 days left to participate, earn points, and maybe earn some, according to Porter Palmer, cool DEN swag.  Here is a link to Porter’s post with directions for how to participate:

Once you sign up, you will get an email from Youtopia which will give you a portal link into Discovery Educator Network group. There you will see a whole list of activities that you may have already done or will do in order to earn a badge for completion. If you click on “show more” for many of the activities, it will give you an explanation of each activity and links to help you complete the activity.   One activity asks us to “Learn about Free Resources from Discovery Education and Our Corporate Partners.”
When you click on the link, it takes you to a tabbed table with all of the featured programs.

Under language arts, there is a link to the collaboration between Discovery Ed and the Doodle for Google contest. Although the deadline to submit entries for this year has passed, there is a great behind-the-scenes video you can preview and perhaps show parts of to your students next year to get them psyched for the 2014 contest.

Under the health tab, I clicked on the “fit4theclassroom” link. Although, the description says it’s for grades K-5, do not let that limit you! It is a terrific site with wonderful fitness resources (food, fitness, etc.) for all ages. I can’t wait to try the recipe for frosting using Greek yogurt, confectionery sugar, and vanilla. It sounds like a really healthy alternative to canned frosting that has bad, bad, bad trans fats in it. Here is the link:

So – click on Porter’s Blog post, and get started today!!!!!!

Watch for another post from me soon on the topic of Steve Dembo’s amazing closing keynote at the MACUL conference on March 22, 2013. Here is the link to where you can watch it:

Carolyn Stanley



  1. Paula Naugle said:

    I am having a blast competing in the DEN’s Spring Training and learning so much as I do so. Can’t wait to see what kind of DEN sway Porter has in store for us. Dacia Jones and I have been engaged in a very friendly competition to see which of us can earn more points. Wish me luck!

  2. Mark said:

    I never new I did so much with the DEN until I started doing the spring training form. I even found a few new things to use!!!

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