DEN Site Enhancements

We have recently made some fantastic updates to our website.  We know you’re going to love the enhanced integration of the Discovery Educator Network and all of your DEN information, making it easy to report your DEN activity, view your STAR status, and access exclusive offers and promotions all within the main Discovery Education page.  Take a look below at some of the new features.










You’ll notice a new tab on the left sidebar (above) when you are logged in to  Clicking on Discovery Educator Network will bring up information about your DEN membership.  If you’re a DEN STAR, you’ll notice a blue star next to your profile picture and several STAR only links, such as Report an Event, Manage Your Blog, Order an Event Kit, and more.  Under the links, you’ll find information about exclusive offers, only available for STAR Discovery Educators (see below).

Scroll down a little further and you’ll find information about your DEN events.  Each school year, STAR Discovery Educators need to report their DEN activity to maintain their STAR status.  Currently, you only need to report 2 events each school year, August 1-July 31, to keep your STAR status active for the next school year.  (New STAR Discovery Educators are exempt from this requirement)  We’ve now made it very easy to check the number of events you’ve reported.  You’ll see two big arrows under Event Tracker.  Those arrows indicate whether or not you’ve submitted your two events to maintain your STAR status.  If both are dark, you’re all set.  If they are not, you haven’t met the requirements to maintain your STAR status yet.  To the right of the arrows is a box with a number.  That number represents ALL of the events you’ve reported since you became a STAR.  If you need to log an event, click the Log an Event link.  We’ve also added the ability for you to see every event you’ve ever reported.  Simply click on the link “View All My DEN STAR Events” and you’ll be able to see them all, listed by school year.  Lastly, the box at the bottom summarizes the last three events you’ve reported.



















If you’re not yet a STAR Discovery Educator, the STAR links and event history information are replaced with information about the STAR Discovery Educator program.  You can learn more about the program as well as the benefits, and if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can begin the application process.





















Take a look around and explore the new site.  If you’re a STAR, check to see if you’ve reported 2 events to maintain your STAR status for next year.  Explore all of your events and see how many you’ve reported over the years.  Keep in mind, the events you see are linked to your current STAR account.  If you had STAR status on a different account, events reported with that account probably are not listed because they aren’t linked to your current account.  We’re thrilled with these enhancements and hope you find it much easier to keep track of what you’ve reported and the state of your STAR Discovery Educator status.


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  1. Mark Case said:

    I noticed the new features. MUCH easier to find the event kits, report the events, etc. LOVE the new changes.

  2. Dave Tchozewski said:

    The new features are fantastic. Much easier to navigate now. How about a link for reporting a future STAR event?

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  4. Shayla Rexrode said:

    I am so excited about the new features and think our DEN Stars will be as well! Thank you for all of your hard work to make this happen!

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