DEN Teacher Appreciation Week is Coming

DEN Teacher Appreciation Week begins Monday, May 6 and runs throughout the week.  We have a lot of great stuff planned, kicked off by a Conversation with Sir Ken Robinson Monday evening.  We have extra special gifts daily for our STAR Discovery Educators.  Our STAR Discovery Educators will receive an email each morning this week detailing the gift we have for you.  There will be directions in the email for accessing the offers.  We’ll also be sharing the special gift on the DEN blogs each day as well.  Accessing these offers will be different than previous years because we’ve recently enhanced the DEN site and integrated it into

When you log in to DiscoveryEducation,com, you’ll now notice a Discovery Educator Network tab on the left side bar.  Clicking that tab will take you to the new DEN page.  Here, you’ll be able to review your STAR status to make sure it’s up to date, report your events, order event kits, and see any exclusive offers available to STAR Discovery Educators.  If you’re a STAR, you’ll also see the Teacher Appreciation Week logo beginning Monday morning.  To access the special gifts throughout Teacher Appreciation Week, you’ll have to click that link for directions.

If you’re not sure whether you’re a DEN STAR, there’s a simple way to check.  Log in to DiscoveryEducation and look at your profile picture on the left side of the page.  If there’s a blue star next to your picture, you’re a STAR.










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  1. norma Rockwell said:

    I totally agree with Dacia. Thanks for the new look.

  2. Di Anne Galm said:

    I love the new look! All information is now at your fingertips. Great job!

  3. Debbie Bohanan said:

    So excited for Teacher Appreciation Week but I need you to look into my account Chad. Something seems to be wrong. I sent you an email about it too.

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