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If you have been to a Lodge McCammon workshop, then you will remember the laughter, fun and learning that took place. I too did this activity with students in my school and it was a blast. So now what else can you do with Lodge songs? Did you know they were a part of DiscoveryEducation library of resources? Well they are there for all of you to be creative with your students.

Not only do you have Lodge himself singing the song, but the lyrics are in .pdf as well as some teaching resources to compliment the songs.. For example, search for Lodge and song to reveal 47 songs. I chose the Bill of Rights. The page had the song, lyrics and a teachers worksheet to use with the music. Click on the “More to Explore” tab and additional DiscoveryEd assets will be there for you to choose more resources for your lesson. I love all of the connections.

If you are teaching the Bill of Rights, you can use this as a hook as students are entering the room, or background for reading time about the Bill of Rights. Why not create a slide show to go along with the lyrics in the song as a kick off to the unit or as a study guide video for a chapter assessment? Students could put together the slide show for a class assignment as well. The point is, explore other ways you can use these clever songs about match, science, social studies and more, in many ways in your lessons. Try a comic application like Kerpoof to illustrate the song. Try a collage of images that explain the song.

Not sure what to use to make this song into something exceptional for your class? Visit Alan Levine’s wiki site, CogDogRoo or the updated site 50+Ways. The second site is organized by type of tool to use to create your story. Looks like Alan got a new dog!

Leave a comment about how YOU have used Lodge McCammon’s songs in your classroom.

Additonal Links to Lodge McCammon’s information:

I Am Lodge: http://lodgemccammon.com/

Lodge’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fizz.education

The Friday Institute Bio: https://www.fi.ncsu.edu/project/researchers/lmccammon

Sample of a Lodge video challenge(contest is over): http://bit.ly/18pAGHT

Lodge and FIZZ: http://fizz.fi.ncsu.edu/

Twitter: @pocketlodge

Songs and description: http://bit.ly/18pBcpf

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  1. Paula Naugle said:

    I remember meeting and learning from Lodge at the DENSI in Boston. I love how he taught us to make paper slide videos. We created a one take video to his song Be a STAR. I need to add his songs to my lessons. Thanks for reminding me about them, Robin.

  2. Tracie Belt said:

    I think the Lodge songs, and all of the flipped classroom videos Lodge offers as been one of the most valuable resources I have used. Thanks for introducing me to Lodge and his work.

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