Teacher Appreciation Week! Day 1

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and the DEN is in the giving spirit.  We know you work hard and are doing a lot for your students so we’re going to provide all STAR Discovery Educators with a fun gift every day this week.  Our first gift to you, a STAR Discovery Educator, comes from our friends at Youtopia.  Youtopia is classroom management made easy.  It helps you organize everything that your students do – from academics, to positive behaviors, service learning, and extracurriculars.

Youtopia gives you the tools to build transparent learning pathways for your students online. Youtopia also adds a layer of gamification to your classroom with points, badges, and leaderboards to add an extra level of engagement. As your students make their way along, you can track their progress, offer support, and reward them for their achievements.


As a STAR Discovery Educator, we are going to give you a free one year PRO Youtopia account. To take advantage of this offer, log in to DiscoveryEducation.com, click on the Discovery Educator Network tab on the left sidebar, and click on the Teacher Appreciation Week logo.


Watch this video about Youtopia.

What Youtopia Can Do For You

Improve Academics.

Simple to setup and customize, Youtopia tracks your students’ activities and encourages them to do more. Just plug in your curriculum, set your goals, and watch your students excell.

Boost Positive Behaviors.

Reward your students for mastering concepts, completing projects, or simply being on time. Help them develop 21st century skills like collaboration, respect, and leadership.

Track Service Learning.

Students submit their hours and reflections online, building a transparent and comprehensive report for all to see.

How it works

Step 1.

Sort your students into groups by grade, club, or academic level so you can manage and track their progress in everything that they do.

Step 2.

Organize your curriculum into challenges, and set up activities for your students to complete. Assign a point value for each activity and build some badges to mark their learning milestones.

Step 3.

Watch as your students gain points for their work, climb the leaderboards, and earn badges for their achievements. Youtopia is designed to keep your students engaged and excited to learn.

Step 4.

Youtopia gives you and your students a comprehensive resume to show off all of their academic achievements, service hours, and extracurricular achievements.  When it’s time to take their next big step, your students will have a complete report of their good work.

Step 5.

Generate reports as you teach so you can show off all of your students’ good work to parents, principals and peers.

STAR Discovery Educators, don’t forget to maintain your STAR status by reporting at least 2 events each school year.  We’ve updated the process to report your events.  Here is an overview of the enhancements.





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  1. Joli Barker said:

    This is so awesome!!! For those of us gamifying in our classroom…Youtopia is a great tool!!!!

  2. Mark said:

    So far, what I can see, this lookes like one of the best tools since Edmodo!

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