Teacher Appreciation Week

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Two weeks ago, we celebrated Administrative Professionals Day and the work of the Administrative staff. Today, we turn our appreciation towards recognizing all of the teachers! May 6th– May 10th is a week geared towards thanking our teachers and all of their hard work that they put forth each and every day. This is the week we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week!

We realize the key role that teachers play in student success and how one great teacher can make all the difference in a student’s life, inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers are support systems, motivators, role models, inspirations, heroes, and much more. If you ask a teacher what they love most about their job, it almost always comes back to their care for their students. With all of the effort that teachers devote to their students, taking one week for us to show our appreciation is a small request.

Let us know how your school is recognizing and showing their gratitude towards their teachers this week? We would like to thank all of the teachers for the hours they dedicate to making their students the best they can be. Be sure to let your fellow teachers know how much you appreciate them this week!


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