Where did you get that wallpaper?

Warning. Inner-geek shining through in this post. 

Members of the DENvice team, namely Selena Ward and I, enjoy a small obsession with finding the perfect wallpaper for our laptops and mobile devices.

Now, we don’t spend tons of time staring at our home screens- some days we barely see them at all. However, even a quick glance at a great wallpaper can turn on a smile or inspire a creative spark.

Selena and I are not only responsible for making our own desktops shine, but also those of the 30+ computers in our labs. Past experience proves that if I want to get students thinking about a topic or concept – customizing the wallpaper on my lab computers is a great starting point. For example, my 7th graders are currently working on SketchUp projects where they imagine new learning spaces. The wallpaper on my lab computers? Images reflecting modern architecture, rooftop gardens and LEED certified structures.

The trouble is, where to find great wallpaper? There are tons of sites out there where you can download wallpaper. But, finding great wallpaper that is appropriate for classroom use can be tricky and can be a time drain.

At DENvice, we are all about sharing our resources. We’d thought that we would share out some of our favorite places for finding great wallpaper (for personal and classroom use). Here they are….



Selena counts on Pimp My Desktop, an app for iOS and Android devices.




Here are my go-to sites:

 runs a series on Wednesdays named Wallpaper Wednesdays. Each week,
they share out wallpapers geared around a chosen theme.





Simple Desktops
 showcases wallpapers with clean, simple and smart design. (One of my very favorite websites, ever.)






Inkdryer Creative has a project called The Daily Wallpaper which is another fantastic place to find wallpaper with clean and innovative design.







Wallpapers at Vladstudio
Find here**terrific images for classroom use







Wallpapers from Smashing Magazine







Note – Many wallpapers on Smashing Magazine include monthly calendars







Designer Desktops from Design Milk









Photography contest winners from Smithsonian.com










Wallpapers from World and Humanitarian photographer David deChemin








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  1. Mark Case said:

    I have never thought much about wall papers. My wife LOVES them and changes them often. You’ve given me a bit to think more about why to use them and understand my wife a bit more.

  2. Sheila said:

    Ever think about creating your own? Sometimes I do, but sometimes I scour the Internet!

  3. Robin Martin said:

    I change the desktop image in my lab often sometimes weekly. Smashing magazine is my favorite site along with http://macdesktops.com/ . Sometimes I use photos I have taken on vacation. For iOS, Try the app 80,000 Wallpapers, Wallpaper Menagerie(from StuckinCustoms.com).

  4. Paula Naugle said:

    Hmmm, never thought about changing the wallpaper to spark a topic in the classroom. Great food for thought. Thanks for sharing your resources.

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