Teacher Appreciation Week – Day 4

We are going double duty today, the 4th day of DEN Teacher Appreciation Week.  That’s right, we have two opportunities for you on this fourth day of DEN Teacher Appreciation Week.  Keep reading for more information on gifts from two friends of the DEN.


Gift #1 comes from Tech4Learning.  Thanks to their generosity, every STAR Discovery Educator will be able to get a free copy of Share 4. Share is software that encourages critical thinking and creativity while allowing students to communicate ideas through interactive presentations, brochures, websites, and digital portfolios.


Gift #2 comes from a new DEN friend, Planboard.  Planboard helps teachers simplify their lesson planning. With Planboard, teachers can attach notes, handouts, photos, and files directly to lesson plans, share calendars, print schedules, align lessons with a school schedule, and track standard requirements.  Planboard is providing free Pro versions for life to the first 1,000 STAR Discovery Educators who sign up!  Here is more information about Planboard.


To access these offers, log in to DiscoveryEducation.com and click on Discovery Educator Network on the left sidebar.  Then, click on Teacher Appreciation Week logo.  A pop up window will open up with the details for the offers and links to sign up.  Click on the links and you’ll be taken to forms where you can sign up for each.















Enjoy these 2 gifts, it’s the least we can do for educators who do what they need to do to positively impact the lives of their students.









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  2. Lisa Alconcel said:

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful items for Teacher Appreciation Week. Can’t wait to spend more time with Planboard, Share4, & Symbaloo!

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