DEN Techformation:Mindjet

Post by Jessica Donaldson

Collaborating on large projects can be difficult. Tracking conversations for follow-up, sharing resources, and assigning deadlines are critical components of a collaborative project, but ensuring everyone is communicating and getting consistent information isn’t an easy task…until now.

Mindjet [] was created with true collaboration in mind. Whether you are writing curriculum units with your peers across the district, or planning a fundraising event with parents and teachers in your school community, Mindjet gives you the tools you need to plan, organize, and execute your project. Whether you are using the website or mobile apps for Android or Apple, Mindjet makes sure that all users have the latest information at their fingertips.

The web-based app allows users to login using their Facebook or Google+ account. Once logged in, choose to create and manage projects, or to visually map an idea. Users can also link accounts to their favorite apps to integrate or share content, including Evernote, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Optional Screenshots:

Mindjet for your mobile device is free and broken into two separate apps: Mindjet Maps and Mindjet Tasks. Download one or both of the apps for Android or Apple devices using the links below. How will YOU communicate your ideas and track your progress?


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