I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

I always laugh when I see that commercial. I don’t know why. I mean- it is pretty sad…the old man or lady are lying on the floor and they can’t move. I couldn’t understand why they were in that predicament and why they couldn’t get themselves up…..until TODAY!  I am tired. I mean really tired! I only have ten more days of school and I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel but I am still so TIRED. Let me explain my tiredness. Not only do I sometimes physically ache at night but my heart is aching too. I am tired of educators who can’t understand that we ‘share’ these students.  Why don’t they realize that we are a “family” of educators who need to work together to make sure that they succeed. I am tired of teachers using the excuse that the kids are failing because they don’t try. I am tired of hearing educators say that “You can’t do that because it is my job- you are overstepping your bounds. I am tired of being so tired.

Tonight I tweeted that I was tired and couldn’t wait to connect with my friends on DENchat. Once again- the DEN ran to my rescue. My phone blew up with direct messages from DEN stars near and far who said “We’re here for you” “Don’t give up friend” “You’ve got this” or my favorite “Can I come over and beat someone up for you?” Yes- I am tired. We are all tired at this time of the year. But thank GOD I have DEN friends who will run to my rescue when I need it the most.

Indeed, I have fallen and my friends are helping me get back up.



  1. Mark Case said:

    Dacia, you are so there for me so much! I hope I can be there for you when you need me. Just tell me what you need and I got your back! Thank YOU for all you do for us (me mostly!!!)

  2. Conni mulligan said:

    I have learned more than once that the best support group I have is my family of DEN peeps and I love them all.

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