Join us for DEN Geocaching Day on May 18th

Saturday, May 18th is DEN Geocaching Day.  DEN members across the country will be combining technology and the great outdoors as they set out on a treasure hunt with colleagues.  We’d like to encourage every member of the DEN Community get out and connect with fellow educators before the school year ends.  Go out on your own or join one of the many DEN STAR guided events that are being held across the country.

This year, we have new partners joining the fun of DEN Geocaching Day. Coleman Repellents will be supplying insect repellent pens to those heading out with our groups and Coleman First Aid will be supplying mini first aid kits as well.  We’re thrilled to connect DEN members with these great partners to ensure outdoor time spent geocaching is both fun and safe.


Below are the guides who have set up events as well as location and registration information.  Sign up and join the fun.


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