Teacher Appreciation Week – Day 5

We are nearing the official end of DEN Teacher Appreciation Week.  You’re probably a little sad knowing the love you’ve been getting from the DEN is winding down, but don’t fret, it’s Friday!  It’s the day of the week many people look forward to beginning every Monday.  We’ve been looking forward to today as well, not because we want the week to end, but because we have another great gift for you.  This time, it’s from our friends at Lumosity.

As a STAR Discovery Educator who cares about engaging students in active learning, you want to provide them with the most innovative and effective learning experiences – using tools that improve learning mindsets. Lumosity is excited to offer free program access for STAR Discovery Educators to use Lumosity with their students starting in Fall 2013, as a part of a ground-breaking research initiative to advance the understanding of cognition and learning.

During the summer months leading up to the new school year, we are also excited to offer three months of free access for you, a DEN STAR, to keep your brains sharp while school is out. Cognitive training can benefit all ages because it targets core cognitive skills that are needed to be effective in life. After this trial, you’ll have the opportunity to continue Lumosity with your students while contributing to advancing science.

To access the Lumosity gift, log in to DiscoveryEducation.com and click on Discovery Educator Network on the left sidebar.  Then, click on Teacher Appreciation Week logo.  A pop up window will open up with the details for this offer.  Fill out the form and you’ll receive a confirmation email containing the necessary information to create your account and get started with Lumosity.
















We hope you enjoyed this last gift for DEN Teacher Appreciation Week.  Over the next few days, take some time to tell some of your colleagues about the Discovery Educator Network.  Tell them about the connections you’ve made, the resources you’ve used with your students, and any other valuable aspects of the DEN.  We love our educator community and if you feel the same, spread the word about the DEN.  If you need resources to share with others, visit  whatistheden.com for a variety of resources.



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  1. Ramona Gasser said:

    Thanks for all of the gifts and information you have shared with all of us. It was an exciting week and the tools will make learning more exciting for all of our students. Thanks again!

  2. Beth Weeks said:

    Thank you DEN for all the great gifts!


    Thank you so much for all the great gifts! It is nice to feel appreciated. It has been so nice to open my e-mail and look for my surprise! Huge DEN finger and shout out to all the fantastic staff at DE!

  4. Alison Oswald-Keene said:

    I Thank you so very much for all of the wonderful gifts! DEN ROCKS!

  5. Ketsana said:

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts. I can’t wait for some down time so I can explore them all!

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