My DEN Story

I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people along my journey as an educator.   Because of these different connections is the reason that I am a part of the Discovery Education Network.  Several years ago I met Elaine Plybon (if you are ever bored, I will be happy to share the story of how we met 🙂 Anyway, Elaine introduced me to the great professional learning network that the DEN has to offer.  She also shared how to use the different Discovery tools, but also ideas on how to transform my classroom.

So, yes, I had a friend pull me into the amazing world of the DEN.  Being in the DEN has offered me so many outstanding opportunities.  I had a chance to participate in DENSI2012 in Montana.  I have participated in a plethora of learning through DENevents such as Geocaching Day, DENapalooza, DEN events before big conferences and now through online DENvice.  I appreciate the DEN and the the learning and connections that it offers me.

If you are a Discovery Education Network user, I encourage you to look into gaining STAR status.  If you are a DEN STAR check out joining the Leadership Council.  The DEN is an amazing community of outstanding educators.  I am lucky to continually learn from and share through the DEN.


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  1. Mark said:


    You are among those incredible people that we meet. You have been a great support for me this year. It is people like you that make DEN involvement addictive! And it is addictive in a good way. I echo what you say, get involved. You won’t regret the time you spend.

  2. Paula Naugle said:

    I totally understand your love of the DEN. What an amazing group of educators to be learn from and be connected to. I can’t wait to meet you face to face this summer at ISTE. See you soon.

  3. Beth said:

    It is an amazing group of people! Every year I look forward to reconnecting with many of them at Region X Day of Discovery and TCEA events- one day I will clear the summer schedule and make it to a summer institute… but until then… the blogs…the chats… the resource shares.. the emails.. the facebook… twitter… so many ways to stay connected and to be challenged!!! love the DEN…

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