DEN Teacher Appreciation Week Recap

We hope you enjoyed DEN Teacher Appreciation Week last week.  We say it over and over again how proud we are of the educators in the DEN and how thrilled we are to have our STAR Discovery Educators sharing and connecting with each other as much as they do.  Last week, we had special gifts for our STARs each day and while DEN Teacher Appreciation Week is over, there’s still a little time left to sign up for the gifts if you missed out.

To access the gifts, STAR Discovery Educators need to log in to Discovery Education and then click on the Discovery Educator Network tab.  After that, simply click on the Teacher Appreciation Week logo and a pop up will open with a description and information about signing up for each offer.  Again, these won’t be available much longer so act now.  Once the Teacher Appreciation Week logo is gone from this site, the offers will no longer be available.

Here’s a recap of what we have available for our STAR Discovery Educators.  If you click on the day of the week, you’ll be taken to the longer blog post we shared more details about each gift.


STAR Discovery Educators will have access to one year PRO accounts of Youtopia.  Youtopia is a classroom management program we think you will like.  Teachers can use the pre-built templates or build their own set of activities for students to perform. When students complete the activities, award them with points and badges to acknowledge their positive accomplishments.


We have a couple of special treats for our STAR Discovery Educators just to say thanks.

#1  Discovery Channel is premiering its newest amazing program, North America, later this month.  We have a special CD/DVD just for STAR Discovery Educators that includes an episode of North America and several songs from the sountrack.  Be one of the first 1,300 to take advantage of this gift.

#2  This summer, we will be unveiling a new Discovery Education Streaming Plus.  The second offer is for our STARs and another Discovery Education user of your choice, a free trial. Think of it as DEN Plus 1


Our third Teacher Appreciation Week gift comes courtesy of SymbalooEDU.  STAR Discovery Educators will receive one year subscriptions of SymbalooEDU Premium.  Teachers can use SymbalooEDU to organize and share the best of the web with their students.  STAR Discovery Educators will also have the opportunity to become Symbaloo Certified by participating in the SymbalooEDU Basic Certification program.


Today, we have two great gifts to say thanks.  The first comes from our friends at Tech4Learning.  All STAR Discovery Educators are going to get a free copy of Share 4.  Share encourages critical thinking and creativity while allowing students to communicate ideas through interactive presentations, brochures, websites, and digital portfolios.

Our second gift of the day comes from a new friend of the DEN, Planboard.  The first 1,000 STAR Discovery Educators to sign up will get a PRO subscription for life.  Planboard helps teachers simplify their lesson planning. With Planboard, teachers can attach notes, handouts, photos, and files directly to lesson plans, share calendars, print schedules, align lessons with a school schedule, and track standard requirements.


Our last gift comes from our friends at Lumosity – During the summer months leading up to the new school year, all STAR Discovery Educators will have three months of free access to Lumosity to keep their brains sharp while school is out. After this trial, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about using Lumosity for free with your students while contributing to advancing science.  

On Friday, we also played a little game of App Cab.  This game was a DEN Trivia game based loosely on Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab.  Instead of giving out cash, we gave out an app, iCab Mobile.  Our winners have already been determined, but if you want to take the quiz and test your knowledge of the DEN, feel free.  This is app is a browser and allows users to download videos directly to your iPad’s photo library.  It works great with Discovery Education.  We thank the generosity of the Alexander Clauss, the apps creator, for donating free copies of his app for us to give away for DEN Teacher Appreciation Week.


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  1. Robin Martin said:

    Thanks DE for all of the apps and things you gave us for Teacher Appreciation week!! I have already used so many of them since being introduced last week. You are the BEST!

  2. Paula Naugle said:

    This week is one of the best reasons to be a DEN Star. Thank you for a wonderful week and great gifts.

  3. Carolyn Stanley said:

    I have already started brain training at Lumosity. I need a LOT of work. It’s fun, and the studies say it really helps. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks, a lot for this and all the other goodies.

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